The Competencies and Skills System (CASS)
Version 0.3

CASS provides basic services to implement competency-based education, training, and workforce development programs.
Define, manage, and access competencies and records.

Global Services


Work with competency frameworks on CASS anywhere. is the most complete tool for connecting to and interacting with multiple CASS servers. Align competencies across multiple organizations, manage learning objects, and import data, all from one app. (Alpha)

CASS Viewer

Search and browse frameworks and competencies.

Browse frameworks simply and easily using our CASS Viewer utility located on GitHub. Embed this website into your homepage or web application. No Sign-in Required.

(520) 881-8940

CASS Editor

Create and Edit frameworks and competencies.

Create and edit frameworks simply and easily using our CASS Editor utility located on GitHub. Embed this website into your homepage or web application. No Sign-in Required.


Information Services

User Guide

New to CASS?

Find out how to operate CASS and perform common and uncommon tasks. The User Guide includes step by step instructions for accomplishing every scenario the CASS Project runs into.

View User Guide

Developer Guide

Need Code? Get started here.

Create new apps, build plugins, adapters, or integrate with your own software. The CASS Developer Guide explains topics, provides guidance, and includes examples for working with CASS using a variety of platforms.

View Developer Guide


Learn how CASS supports your competency based efforts.

Take a high level tour or get down to the specification level of CASS, we have extensive documentation for planning out your use of CASS.

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Demonstration Services

Manage Frameworks (Deprecated)

View, create, and manage competencies and frameworks.

By providing a universal, consistent and persistent way to reference a given competency, CASS enables learning management systems, HR systems, learning record stores, talent management systems, and student information systems to produce competency-based credentials and transcripts that can be properly interpreted by any organization.

Manage Competency Frameworks

Manage Profiles

Create, connect, and view a user's competency profile.

By providing records and evidence of a learner’s competencies in a secure manner that protects the learner’s privacy, CASS enables learning activities to be tailored to the needs and capabilities of a learner.


Tag Resources

Tag resources with competencies in a connected world.

By enabling learning resources to be tagged with machine-readable versions of competencies, CASS facilitates the discovery and selection of resources that can help achieve a learning goal.


Process Assertions (Beta)

Determine competence through complex rules and relations.

By tracking assertions and relating competencies to one another, assertion processing can fill in the gaps in the learner knowledge profile and help answer the fundamental question: What does the learner know?

See Assertion Processing

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